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(This is a part for all those who can't read/speak/or understand German......for all those who can, you can find all this on the pages INDEX, DAS BIN ICH, BILDER, und FUNBILDER & SMILEYS...)

Everybody always asks me how I like it here in Seattle and I really have to say it's great! I like my family although sometimes there are some rough times, but I think that is absolutely normal…and most the time it is really fun! I like Seattle because I am from a very little village in Germany and pretty far away from the next bigger city (although I like it), and here I live like in a little village but have it really close to the citycenter or the mall, and I love to go shopping!!!*smile*
I love Downtown at night, the Christmas lights on all the houses here and how friendly the people are. In Germany not everybody would just come to me and say "Hey, how are you?"...especially when you've never seen them before!
Furthermore I have a great sister and I found a lot of great friends. What I also hink is very important is that everybody can be how he/she/it is and no one criticizes me for being crazy - that is also for what I thank all my friends very much! I love you!

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