Here are some things I just had to laugh at:

* "How do you spell the past tense of 'to see'?"
  "ähm....where is your problem? It is to see, saw, seen!"
  "Oh, thank you! I thought you spell it sarh..."

--> Excuse me, that was NOT me, of course! But without nameing any people...after 6 months here...YOU (and everybody - even those who are NOT exchange students...but in the 6th grade in a not english-language school or country (for example somewhere in Germany or Denmark...* do I come to Denmark???*laugh*sorry*insider*)) should know THAT!

* Napoleon Dynamite --> it's actually a bad...ish movie but it is kinda so bad that is great again...*maybe you understand those senseless things...*

* softball...(although that is kinda's just me!)

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