This is a page where you get to know me better...for everybody familiar with the German language, this is pretty much the same as on "ich"!

My name is Dorothee Bergmann, my birthday is December 16th, 1987.

The first five years of my life, I've lived in Oberhausen, in 1992 my family and I moved toto a pretty little village in Germany with about 3000 inhabitants and that is located about 20 miles away from the Dutch border (that means on the westborder and pretty much in the middle...) right next to the River Rhine.

From the age of 6 on, I went to an elementary school in my village. When I finished 4th grade I decided to go to the high-level secondary school and I stayed there until I finished 10th grade. Then I came to the USA, more precisely to Seattle, where I spent a wonderful exchange year. I went to Ingraham High School and returned in the end of June 2005. After returning to my old school, I graduated from school in June 2007 (German High Schools have 13 grades).
I didn't have that much free time in America but I like playing sports and I played soccer during fall '04, I attended the swim team during winterseason '04-'05 and in spring season I played softball. That became one of my favorite sports but unfortunately the next Softball-Team here in Germany is too far away, which means, I can't play anymore.

Instead, in Germany I go horseback riding, since September 2006 I play soccer again, I like to ride my bike, meet my friends, listen to music (what kind??? Well, I think I like almost everything from pop, techno, r'n'b, and hip hop to country, rock and sometimes classic or even jazz...the only music I probably don't like to listen to is heavy metal or black music...), I like to go to parties, I sang in the school choir, I was part of the school drama club until I went to the States.

Well...I guess that was it...if somebody is interested in getting to know me better, my ICQ# is 268-171-420 and my nickname is 'schaumgummi' and my myspace is

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